Are you not growing muscle fast enough? Your nutrition may well be holding you back

With the recent rise in physique and bodybuilding competitions, our athletes' aspirations to build muscle mass are on the increase. Even in power and combat sports, building high-quality muscle tissue is the goal that a lot of competitors are seeking to achieve.

The problem is that muscle building is not just achieved in the gym, and muscle doesn't just magically appear. As with all things with the body and performance, there are a collection of principles that create the result you are looking for.

At Team Amino we assume because you’re reading this, you are maybe one of these people. Please note that not all athletes or people are looking to build muscle, this is purely aimed at those in that category.


1. Volume of food (most important)

Increasing the total amount of calories you eat on a daily basis should be your main aim if muscle building is your goal. We cannot stress this enough. This is fundamentally the most important factor in creating muscle mass. The body cannot grow without an excess of calories to feed it. If you are not growing, you are probably not objectively getting enough food in to create a positive calorie balance. That being said some other elements to consider are the amount of time you need to maintain this calories intake as muscle building is not a fast process in comparison to fat loss. Also, finding the optimal amount of excess intake is important, muscle can only build at a certain speed and any calorie provision above this speed may potentially be turned into excess unwanted body fat, so finding a balance is key. Enough but not too much. The best principle here is to use a science based calorie calculator using your body and training information. An informative article on this by Joe Agu will help you understand the above further.

2. Types of food

Less, but still important is to make sure that a large % of your calories are coming from protein sources. Without consuming protein as your building blocks you will not be able to build your own protein stores (muscle). Makes sense right, there are lots of theories and methodologies on the optimal protein intake. This will come down to your own research and methodology. Aim for 25-40% as a guide. 

3. Timing of food

Nutrient timing also plays a part in your muscle building, be it a smaller part than the two above points. Again there are lots of strategies that people advocate but outside of making sure you have carbohydrate during your training sessions and consistent protein meal throughout the day you cannot go wrong. 

Amino Water contains the key muscle building amino acid "Leucine", which is the key amino to stimulate muscle tissue growth and repair. If your interested in upgrading your recovery products you can claim your trial pack here and start getting the benefits straight away.

Action Steps 

Using the three principle above, make a note of your current set up and nutrition design. What do you currently do, what may be missing? The best method to be successful with this is to use scientific principles and here are loads of calculators and information available online. If you are really keen to take it the next level then find a nutrition coach who can help you with this.

If you want help on any of this, drop us an email here.

Get to work team!

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