The Christmas Holiday Fat Gain Prevention Tactics We Use And You Don't

Ok, so let’s admit it, you've been working hard all year, Christmas time is a time to let loose. Our belief at Team Amino is work hard - play hard - be smart.

The problem is we don't need to tell you how to work or play hard, you have that covered. The bit we can help with is how can we make the holiday season a little more manageable and less guilt ridden. Our view point is to kill the guilt, get organised and go for it.

Having down time is crucial to maintaining motivation and intensity in work, training and life. We put this article together to help you get your surf board out and to ride the wave in style. Here we go.....


The key thing to recognise here is that during the holiday season you can still go out and have fun with food and drink, you just need to be a little bit more organised about when and how. You need to get your mindset and expectations in line. Pick the days your really going to go for it and organise your nutrition and training around these days so that you can relax, have fun and not feel guilty. It is about finding the balance.

You don't put body fat on in 24 hours but when you consistently eat to much energy on consecutive days/weeks you will start to regress. You body weight will fluctuate but changes in any 24 hour period are going to be changes to your body water which can fluctuate very quickly and to the extremes. Remember your are mostly made up of water (55% women / 65% men) and so small changes in body water = big changes on the scales. 

How much water is in the human body.png


Use these tips as much or as little as you see fit....

1. Whatever event(s) you decide you will relax at, use fasting the days before and after as a way to make sure you carbohydrate stores and body water will be depleted. That way when the flood gates open you will already be in a deficit.


2. Do some sprints prior to your event, this will help drain your carbohydrate stores so they are ready to be filled up again.


3. Over eat on non root vegetable and ideally protein. This is a great way to make sure your full on stuff that doesn't contain as much energy (Vegetables like brussels, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli) and stuff that uses a lot of energy for metabolic processing (protein). Fill your plate with these first. Leave the potatoes until the end and keep the your intake to a minimum (as best you can ;) - the Amino team love our roasties! )


4. Drink more water and avoid sugary pop. Even try our EAA powder as a guilt free way to have something sweet that tastes great and helps suppress hunger. Trial pack can be found here.


5. Do not panic when your weight shoots up after the event. You knew it was going to happen, you planned for it and now you can manage it. Get back on the bandwagon.


6. A general add on tip is get into some form of meditation. Train your mind to focus. It sounds silly but it will help in all areas of life. It may be boring at first, but the pay off is huge. (Personal tip, if you miss a session, don't fret, just start again when you can, some is better than none!) 


Helpful? We hope so. If your going to fast, using our Amino Water EAA will preserve muscle mass and enhance your immune system at a crucial part of the year. It is a great way to get your daily intake of B vitamins which support the detoxification process that is crucial for life.

Lots of our customers also like to use Amino Water as a tasty guilt free way to have a drink that contains low calories, no artificial sweeteners as a replacement of 95% of other drinks on the market that contain sugar or artificial sweetener. It’s a win/win. Get your trial pack here.

Action Points

The key take away here is that Christmas is a bloody brilliant time to connect with family, friends and all the people that you love. The connection is the key part and is a foundational pillar of health and performance.

Addiction and disease breads in isolation, so get out there and reconnect with those around you. We live in an age of abundance and the key to truly feeling fulfilled is to have gratitude and to be thankful for all that you have around you.

That doesn't mean don't push for your dreams and more, just be able to stop everyday, give yourself a pat on the back and keep the connections with those around you strong. There is never a better time to take responsibility and to reach out.

Happy holidays!

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